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Smile Too much - S/T – New Cassette
Smile Too much - S/T – New Cassette
Dandy Boy Records

Smile Too much - S/T – New Cassette

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 Dandy Boy Records and Tape label is always as reliable as a slant six in your mom's Valiant, pop the hood, easy access like easy action, this one tasty and fuzzy and sweet and tangy like Funny Face Lefty Lemon, guitar fuzz pop from Smile Too Much.  -- winch

Life can be beautiful. But sometimes- or maybe all the time, you’re hungover on a bus to your pointless job, looking out the window at a lifetime of squandered opportunities. And then later that night you’re emitting droney, distorted, somber sounds from an El Cerrito basement with your friends and life is beautiful again.

FFO: MBV, Spiny Anteaters, early Dinosaur Jr, Kim Deal

"What happened to music?? I know it’s still coming from my computer and phone, and sometimes from records and tapes. They took away the bus line that I rode from my place to my girlfriend's, so sometimes I hear it in the Lyfts that shuttle me back and forth, but the music in the Lyfts usually just sounds like computers too. Sometimes in these rental cars, I’ll wonder if the driver behind the wheel, behind the mask, behind the plexi glass that separates the front seat from the back seat, is actually a Post Malone fan. Now I have “Sunflower” stuck in my head. Fucking computers.

But sometimes, through the grim isolation where music is primarily experienced through tech abstraction, your real life friend lets you know they’ve been making music and wants you to hear it. It’s still sent through the web, brought by spiders, but as soon as I open the cocoon of files, I know the reality of the music’s creation. Hell, I’ve been to Oakland.

These songs were cooked up by Maggie Aytac and her pals Alex Velasquez and Juan “Juju Bee” Gomez over in the East Bay and they feel like kitchen sink Sonic Youth. Maggie and Jason Testasecca (who co-engineered and mixed the EP) had an incredibly sharp power pop combo called the Heartlights back in the before times, but these new tunes have a languid sorrow and roughness that fits perfectly with both the high anxiety of late 2019, when this project began, and the inert despair of the present day. They feel like the lyrics were written on the back of shopping lists, just the essentials and hurry, the Safeway closes at 8pm."
-Anthony OBC (Blades of Joy)

"I am (admittedly) a full blown fucking sucker for all things that read “pop-punk fever dream”- and this is it. Clean enough to be “pure”, dirty enough to be happy, laying-in-my-bed-having-a-crush vibes permeate here, and to tried and true effect. Or also says “DON’T KILL MY VIBE FUCKER, I’M DAY DREAMING” This mixes the best parts of the GIRLY SOUND tapes, Heavenly, and Pavement. Maggie's voice reminds me of a Julianna Hatfield/ Blake Babies tape that’s worn on all your favorite songs. The boy/girl (or them/them?) vocal interplay on Susan’s Rules is a joy, and the weaving cloud-like guitars set against the choppy harmony on Flying Napkins is a whole ass vibe. Near as I can tell they don’t make bands like this too much anymore, but hearing this makes me feel romantic and it’s nice to be reminded of when…"
-Brontez Purnell (Younger Lovers, author of '100 Boyfriends')

released May 7, 2021

all songs written by smile too much
Maggie Aytac (guitar, bass, vocals)
Alex Velasquez (guitar)
Juju Bee (drums)
Louis Bilman (vocals)
recorded by Jesus Galeno and Jason Testasecca
mixed and mastered by Jason Testasecca
art by Maggie Aytac


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