Slug Guts - Playin' In Time With The Deadbeat LP

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NEW. SACRED BONES. Playin’ in Time with the Deadbeat is Slug Guts’ third LP and the follow up to last years critically acclaimed Howlin’ Gang. Playin’ in Time sees the band release a record that sounds menacingly desperate, ugly and malnourished. The album was written and recorded during a particularly turbulent year for Slug Guts during which they toured the us, Japan, and Australia, released a live album, and numerous singles. This album draws on Australia’s rough and agitated pub rock history, taking dregs from Australian cult icons Feedtime and Venom P Stinger. Playin’ in time With The Deadbeat was written during a year which saw members of this seven piece endure trips to the mental hospital, jail, court trials, death, rehab, and bouts of violence following thousands of kilometers spent in a van. From the cacophonous gallop of opening track “Scum,” to the hit single potential of “Adult Living” it is clear the band, have grown heaps as both writers and players. Despite personal setbacks and numerous tragedies, Playin’ in Time With The Deadbeat is the definitive Slug Guts album to date; it is a focused, damaged and unique opus.