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Sheer Mag - COMPILATION (I, II, & III) - New LP
Sheer Mag - COMPILATION (I, II, & III) - New LP
Wilsuns Recording Company

Sheer Mag - COMPILATION (I, II, & III) - New LP

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Sheer Mag’s Compilation LP features the Philadelphia rock band’s three seven-inches, released between 2014 and 2016. All twelve songs were recorded onto the same vintage 8-track tape machine, carted to various locations around Philadelphia. The first two were produced in a makeshift studio wedged between two bedrooms in the band’s former South Philly house, while the third came out of a practice space in the Port Richmond neighborhood. Sequenced chronologically, the newly remastered songs reveal a young DIY band finding its sound.

• Compilation of Philly DIY band’s first three seven-inches 
• Contains the critically acclaimed III EP, which garnered an 8.3 Best New Music on Pitchfork and II EP, which received an 8.1 
• Mastered by Josh Bonati and mixed by Hunter Davidson 

blue jeans and bricks, popping bubblegum in the late summer breeze, grease on the bicycle chain of your hand-me-down banana set as you pedal around the familiar blacktop of your old stomping ground, a bit of the 1960s and a lot of the 1970s, power pop and hard rock, garage and punk rock with a hint of Motown. Sheer Mag. 

ian, tina, hart, kyle, matt,

recorded at the nuthouse and clownhouse II by hart seely
mixed at business district recording by hunter davidsohn
mastered by josh bonati
art and insert by sheer mag
music and lyrics by sheer mag
poster photo by marie lin



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