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Shadow Show – Silhouettes – New LP
Shadow Show – Silhouettes – New LP
Shadow Show – Silhouettes – New LP
Shadow Show – Silhouettes – New LP
Shadow Show – Silhouettes – New LP
from Detroit...

Shadow Show – Silhouettes – New LP

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released February 14, 2020

Ava East ✦ Vox/Guitars
Kate Derringer ✦ Bass/Vox
Kerrigan Pearce ✦ Percussion/Vox
Recalling outfits of the early 1980s that were influenced heavily by the 1960s while even more inspired by their own directions, this shows a diverse mix of influences from the 1960s, likely The Who, The Kinks, The Beatles, VU, Ted Nugent and even Morricone, all these influences taking the backseat with this trio clearly upfront and behind the wheel, influences popping up from the blacktop quickly squashed under the tires of this vehicle...the band with direction and drive, as well as the courage and curiosity to swerve and much that it recalls the underground bands of the mid 1970s who clearly came out of the 1960s while clearly offering their own sounds, with the uniqueness of each band even bigger than the commonalities.  

AllMusic Review by 

After a few seconds of mysterious noise that sounds like distant waves crashing, Silhouettes, the debut album from Detroit trio Shadow Show, begins with a bassline a few notes removed from "Taxman" and a kaleidoscopic explosion of tremolo guitars and mod pop vocal harmonies. It's a strong start to an album that channels several different generations of both British pop and Detroit rock without ever directly mimicking any specific influences. Vocalist/guitarists Ava East's haunted guitar tones on songs like "The Machine" find the middle ground between pensive, late-night loner jams from Fred Smith's Sonic's Rendezvous Band and the sinister energy of Primal Scream. The slide guitar riffing of "Glass Eye" offers a far more psychedelic reading of Detroit's ongoing fixation with the blues. Shadow Show's songs call on familiar elements -- layered vocal harmonies, the occasional driving punky bassline, melodies laced with garage rock attitude -- but song structures take unexpected turns. Rarely moving from verse to chorus and back, Shadow Show instead maps out strange navigations for their songs. New riffs are introduced mid-song, a wildly catchy part shows up out of nowhere and is never repeated. These unpredictable moves keep the album interesting and add to the air of mystery Shadow Show spends much of the album establishing. Production from bassist Kate Derringer is wonderfully raw, conveying power and presence while keeping the mixes sharp. The distant perspectives and strange sonic shifts of Silhouettes keep both the band and listeners actively engaged, leaving the album with the feeling that you've just wandered all night through some weird dream.

Recorded by Kate Derringer, Matias Vilaplana Stark, and Christopher Walker
Mixed by Kate Derringer
Mastered by Jim Diamond
Produced by Shadow Show
Recorded in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Cover photo by Jaimie Sanchez-Skriba
Artwork by Ava East
Hailing from Detroit, SHADOW SHOW are a sleek and spellbinding all girl group with bags of attitude and talent to match, the music sweeps you up into its frenetic psychedelic grooves and dazzling harmonies. They combine elements of 60’s garage-psychedelia and give it a 21st century modern pop-art incarnation, yet they remain deeply rooted in the raw, untouchable Detroit sound. At the age of 17 they delved into a world where time no longer exists, where music takes its reign and everything else follows: Detroit’s music scene as it stands.
“SHADOW SHOW started out in the dregs of the forgotten metropolis in a dark and transitional time for the city, playing in the basements of battered manors and inconspicuous store fronts. As the surrounding landscape changed, so did the soundscape the people of Detroit had created for themselves. SHADOW SHOW represent the love of a time long lost and the will of a time not yet discovered. A power trio of a mysterious hue, . They project a vision to the world in their display: a spectacle of light as curious as shadow.
“SHADOW SHOW are guitarist Ava East, bassist Kate Derringer, and drummer Kerrigan Pearce who have been playing together in this incarnation since 2018. Upon the release of singles, “The Machine” and “Glass Eye,” they made their presence known nationally and internationally before laying low during the creation of their debut album,Silhouettes.  Recorded in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Silhouettes is the self-produced debut endeavour of SHADOW SHOW’s unique sound and vision. The 10-track album was recorded and mixed by Kate Derringer, and mastered by Jim Diamond (The White Stripes, The Dirtbombs, Ghetto Recorders)“ — Shindig

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