Royal Trux - Untitled LP

$ 16.00

NEW. DRAG CITY RECORDS. REISSUED!!! Rising from the silence, shaking the muck of level-Z rock and roll detritus from their feet, ROYAL TRUX returned to action in October of 1992 with an untitled album, their third. It had been two years since they’d vanished into the negative zone with Twin Infinitives, an ultimate left-turn that appeared to have no endgame. For untitled, Royal Trux strung together eight pieces of varying vintage that clearly communicated their rock and roll desires with the most direct approach to playing songs they’d yet taken. Royal Trux recorded Untitled as a duo, their second and last album in this configuration. NEIL HAGERTY handled the instruments and sang with JENNIFER HERREMA, taking a solo acoustic turn on “Junkie Nurse.” “Lightning Boxer,” “Sometimes,” and “Hallucination,” all featured in the What Is Royal Trux? tour of late 1990, gained additional bite on untitled, generally arranged with several guitars, a drum kit and their vocals.