Rotties - End of You - Cassette

Rotties - End of You - Cassette

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High quality, shrink wrapped, smoky tint Cassette with Pink Imprinting. Limited Edition Artist Printed Risograph (two color) J-Cards. Only 100 copies available! 

ROTTIES' third studio album, “End of You”, features new member Elena Kettwig on bass. Elena's driving bass lines steer the band into uncharted territory, where drummer Just Dave, guitarist/vocalist Ellis Burnheart, and lead singer Heather Mclaughlin come together for a faster and grittier collection of songs. Songs about selling out, a melting planet, tour van life, and dancing on the grave of Hugh Hefner express the anger of our times but never lose hope. ROTTIES knows the end is near, but before it comes we're gonna throw one hell of a party!

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