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Rocket From the Tombs - The Day the Earth Met...Punk Ground Zero, Cleveland 1975 - Used LP
Smog Veil Records

Rocket From the Tombs - The Day the Earth Met...Punk Ground Zero, Cleveland 1975 - Used LP

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2002 release of 1975 recordings.   Black with gray vinyl pressing.  vinyl and sleeve: VG+

Unreleased demos and live...shitty rough recordings...fucking great shit...John Laughner, Craig Bell, Cheetah Chrome, Johnny Blitz, and David Thomas..what the fuck!  Punk returns to save the world!  Essential.  

Sides A and B recorded Feb 18 1975 at the RFTT Rehearsal Loft 
Side C, Side D tracks 1-3 recorded Jul 24 1975 at the Piccadilly Inn 
Side D Tracks 4-6 recorded May 5 1975 at the Agora

Obviously some connection to the acid rock of the late 60s (VU, Mothers, Pink Floyd, Blue Cheer..) and of course a bridge directly to the Dead Boys and Pere Ubu...the creature rising from a mutant of mutants Alice Cooper Group, MC5, the Stooges, unaware of any rules of the future's idea of punk off in the near future, this loud-mouthed ugly creature rips its snorting beauty across new territory from the rust belt into the belly of creation...While these loft and live recordings might be a bit too raw rough and tumble for some and the recording quality is lacking even for raw meat punk, this is the shit, punk reduced down to the core...the core is exposed...the atom split...the bomb explodes..."punk ground zero Cleveland 1975."

A1 Raw Power 1:53
A2 So Cold 5:55
A3 Ain't It Fun 5:51
A4 Transfusion 7:44
B1 What Love Is 3:38
B2 Life Stinks 3:24
B3 Muckraker 4:40
B4 30 Seconds Over Tokyo 6:41
B5 Satisfaction 0:19
C1 Sonic Reducer 4:25
C2 Never Gonna Kill Myself Again 2:06
C3 Final Solution 4:34
C4 Foggy Notion 4:53
D1 Amphetamine 5:27
D2 Read It & Weep 2:34
D3 Seventeen 3:53
D4 Frustration 2:13
D5 Down In Flames 1:40
D6 Search & Destroy

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