Repairs - Decay 7"

$ 6.00

“That's right, yet another crucial Australian single, from the blackend depths of minimal synth hysteria, and offering up the perfect chaser to the Nun LP. Rooted in an electronic nightmare set to overlapping Throbbing Gristle compositions, REPAIRS emerged with a cassette-only release on the upstart Captured Tracks label, which quickly slipped through the cracks back in 2009, but it was the debut 7" on Nihilistic Orbs in 2011 that really knocked us back into their corner. It all starts with that nervous little throb that evolves into a poisonously aromatic nightbloom, drowning in an inescapable whisper, as each song emerges and hovers over you. A deeply electronic sadistic minimalist sound, that's as primitive as it is demonic, both of these new tracks bleed out of the speakers in slow motion, gripping your world in a vice, bending shadows back and forth until the madness creeps in. The pulsations continue long after the music stops, keeping REPAIRS in the dark, torturous corners of your mind, and carving out another essential release from the Melbourne underground.”—Victim Of Time. First pressing of 375 copies.