Redneck - Possession cassette

$ 6.00

NEW. EOLIAN RECORDS. Limited to 100! In 1996, a strange figure emerged from the backwoods of Kelso, Washington. This infamous being--who came to be known as REDNECK--soon began appearing at houses, basements, and warehouses all over Portland, Oregon, assaulting audiences with the harsh noise of his harsh reality. The sounds rattling around inside REDNECK's twisted head come to life at punishing volume, as field recordings of chopping wood and breaking glass are amplified and distorted beyond comprehension.

Possession captures two tracks of harsh noise from REDNECK's harsh reality, sonic death on tape. Fans of Merzbow, NON, Throbbing Gristle, and mid-century sound collages will no doubt be drawn into REDNECK's new dimension of the harshest and most experimental music. All others BEWARE.