Red Mass - Kilrush Drive - LP
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Red Mass - Kilrush Drive - LP

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RED MASS is a gathering of artists, musicians and agent provocateurs from around the globe. Created by ROY VUCINO (CPC GANGBANGS, PyPy, BIRDS OF PARADISE, NIGHT SEEKER, LES SEXAREENOS) as part of the 'Free Creative Enterprise' TA DA arts collective, its goal is to create punk music and art, in various mediums while incorporating techniques of automatic creation, chaos magic and liberation through art. To do so the Mass forgoes any allegiance to a specific scene, genre or sound. This method of working outside of the classic band format allows the Mass to work with as many international collaborators as it likes regardless of their experience, style or background. The present core of 'Red Mass' is comprised of Roy Vucino and partner HANNAH LEWIS. Eager to explore new soundscapes and to collaborate with musicians all over the world, the band has amassed more than 100 participating artists and musicians in its ranks. Collaborations with some of our idols, our friends, our family members and with strangers who wanna create something subversive. The means are the end in order to create freely, nothing is sacred in the sweet blasphemy of our art. In a splintered world, the group sees art and music as a way to bring people closer. It has opened itself to all. As above, so below. We welcome you to the Red Mass. Kilrush Drive was recorded by MINGO L'INDIEN from LES GEORGES LENINGRAD, JACE LASEK from BESNARD LAKES, SEBASTIEN PERRY and producer/engineer MARTIN BISI (Sonic Youth, Iggy Pop, Herbie Hancock).
"The record was made with producer Mingo L’indien (Les Georges Leningrad) with some help from Besnard Lakes’ Jace Lacek and Martin Bisi (who’s worked with everyone from Sonic Youth to Herbie Hancock), and Roy incorporates everything from dark postpunk to hip hop inspired beats and more into his vision. We’re premiering the album’s fiery opening cut, “God’s House,” which thunders ominously with pounding toms and big, gothy riffs. (Stooges/Damned/Misfits are still prime influences for the band.)" - Brooklyn Vegan
“Saturn” tumbles a driving post-punk pace into grizzled garage territory. The song is dingy and driven- streaked by night and looking for lust. The drums pound high, loud, and lethal, but like New Order or The Church before them, they don’t succumb to the tropes of paint-by-post-punk, giving the song a twist with an acoustic overlay and a weave of synths. The record picked up production credits from Mingo L’indien of Les Georges Leningrad and producer/engineer Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Iggy Pop) and they’re definitely pushing the band into crisper territory than Red Mass has explored before." - Raven Sings The Blues

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