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Reactionaries, The  - Ingenuity – Used LP
Reactionaries, The  - Ingenuity – Used LP
Deranged Records

Reactionaries, The - Ingenuity – Used LP

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DERANGED RECORDS. Featuring ex DEADSTOP members. Late 2006 is when The Reactionaries put
their heads together and decided to dig deeper than they ever had
before, to go beyond the limitations of whatever genre there may be and
just write music for the love of writing music. It took a few line up
changes and a small hiatus for the ball to really get rolling. But now

that it's rolling, it seems like it ain't gonna be stopped any time
soon. Recorded over the span of close to half a year during late 2008
and early 2009 with the help of Krist Torfs (White Circle Crime Club),
"Ingenuity" proves that there still are bands with the balls to do
things on their own terms, no matter what self proclaimed connaisseurs
have proclaimed as being the "new cool thing". Drawing from a wide range
of influences, this is the kind of record that music lovers will be able
to sink their teeth into, no matter what their vinyl collection looks
like. From the haunting, heartbroken yet still somehow surprisingly
upbeat "Fool For You", to the groovy, riff heavy "Changes", The
Reactionaries made sure every ounce of sweat and every bit of soul
transpired into their songs. The result? I guess one could say it's
something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.
Soulful, dynamic, fuzzy garage punk. Or maybe it's not. Other than
crancking up "Ingenuity" real loud, the only way to really find out and
truly discover The Reactonaries is to see them in a live setting. Those
who've seen them on their string of shows with The Damned, or any other
show for that matter, will surely testify to this.

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