Ramprasad - Ruinenlust - Cassette
Anima Recordings

Ramprasad - Ruinenlust - Cassette

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Ramprasad is the collaboration of Portland, OR musicians 
Aaron D.C. Edge (Lumbar, Bible Black Tyrant, Iamthethorn) and David S. Fylstra (KVØID, Folian, Canadensis). 

“Ramprasad's "Ruinenlust" feels like a massive, angry elephant trudging through a lush forest; each chord being a step forward on their journey. Eventually, the creature escapes the trees and ancient stone temples jut from the earth. "Ruinenlust" is heavy, yet melodic and aggressive, yet meditative, excelling in a grey area that few successfully tread. I can't wait to see the truths this temple reveals.” 
- Dylan Garrett Smith (fine-artist/printmaker) 

“...it all comes together to create an overarching impression of oppressive tones and head-down rhythmic pummel. It’s fucking heavy...” 
- JJ // theobelisk.net 

"Ramprasad’s debut effort 'Ruinenlust' takes us on a short, yet 
daringly adventurous and impactful sonic journey. The instrumental 
music within these three tracks manages to merge 
elements of metal, sludge, hardcore, doom, and electronic 
- Anima Recordings

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