Ramma Lamma - Ice Cream LP

$ 13.00

Rocketing forth from the neon-Blatz-sign jungle of Milwaukee with the power of a trillion Pinky Tuscaderos, RAMMA LAMMA adds several dozen gratuitous exclamation points to your summer with the release of their debut long-player, Ice Cream! Transporting you via guitar to a magical universe full of round lightbulbs where the boys wear stripes, the girls wear Creem Boy Howdy t-shirts, and pretty much nobody wears pants, RAMMA LAMMA turn it the fuck up and blitz through a ten-pack of fast-paced rock ‘n’ roll anthems that will jar awake the ACTION! centers in the reptilian forebrains of even the most droopy-lidded rock codgers! Drawing strength and impurity from a wide swath of Rock’s Glorious Pantheon – 90’s garage ruckus like the BOBBYTEENS meets 70’s era Chapman/Chinn junkshop meets the REZILLOS and BUZZCOCKS and everybody gets drunk, stoned and laid ((in a half hour, yet!)) – RAMMA LAMMA haul you by the belt loops ((see, you shouldn’tve been wearing pants!)) into a jellybean-colored world of fine-lookin’ women eating ice cream, fine-lookin’ boys performing unmentionable acts of depravity at a high skill level, wet denim, wet denim, w-w-w-w-w-wet denim, and -- not at all surprisingly -- rock ‘n’ roll. It’s a land where the NERVOUS EATERS teach grade school! A land where GIRLSCHOOL are the police force! A land of perpetual horniness where GRAND FUNK and the GUESS WHO once settled their differences with a Bat-Fight! Party poopers are thrown swiftly and unceremoniously from RAMMA LAMMA’s speeding Durango 95 of rock ‘n’ roll; the worthy are in for the ride of their lives. Ice Cream: One of the few works of human genius that actually leaves the listener about twenty IQ points dumber for having experienced it! Lick it before it licks you back!" - Rev. Norb Rozek