Ramma Lamma - Gang 7"

$ 5.50

NEW. DUSTY MEDICAL RECORDS. After numerous exciting, mysterious, and ultimately very interesting delays, we are proud to announce that this killer single finally sees the light of day! Ryan King and Wendy Norton have a long and storied past filled with bands we all know and love (Kill-A-Watts, Plexi 3, Sagger, The Monitors, Jane Doe & The Cop Haters to name just a few). Ramma Lamma is their most focused project yet, dialing in the sound of 70s glam, bubblegum and good old fashioned punk rock, while sharing guitar, singing and songwriting duties. Having released a spread of sold out singles already, the band is hard at work on their debut full-length. But before they unleash that beast on the world, we're ecstatic to bring you what we think is their best stuff yet - 2 killer tracks, one each from Wendy & Ryan, housed in a sleeve drawn by the insanely talented Ben Lyon, featuring a rendering of the band in homage to the movie poster for the lost classic Vigilante.