Quest For Fire - s/t LP

$ 11.00

NEW. HS!BF RECORDS. "This record will blow yer fukkn mind, punk. This is what happens when kids who are way smarter than you (trust me, they are) get way drunker than you (trust me, they do) and fucking shred the shit out of whatever piece of shit instrument they can find. QUEST FOR FIRE can play circles around 97% of the bands reviewed in this month's rag, but not fukkn once will you think they are showing off; instead you will realize that they simply had no choice but to use those otherworldly chops to convey the most intense, acid-drenched musical message in the goddamned universe. Never in my adult life have I so enthusiastically welcomed the gratuitous use of a wah-wah pedal, and seldom have seemingly incongruous song structures so seamlessly switched from Adderall-laced stoner grooves to face-melting land speed hardcore and then melted my furry face with solo-laden breakdowns. In the most simple terms, this is the best hardcore record featured in this issue of MRR, but delving deeper, QUEST FOR FIRE made something truly original, which is a serious feat in the narrow confines of this punk crap to which we all sold our souls. This LP will fly over the heads and under the radar of the foolish punks, but those who learn...soon they will know. Complete fukkn brilliance."

-Robert Collins (Maximumrocknroll #330)