Protess/Signal Lost split 7"

$ 4.50

NEW. PRANK RECORDS. Explosive 4 track split EP between two female vocalled hardcore bands, Sapporo, Japan's PROTESS and Austin, Texas's SIGNAL LOST. PROTESS have existed for ten years with various tracks released on venerable Japanese hardcore labels such as DAN DOH and MCR. This is their first release in three years and first US release, mixing a furious hardcore attack with long compositions of textured, expansive melodies. SIGNAL LOST, featuring members of bands as diverse as J CHURCH, SEVERED HEAD OF STATE, TERROR MANAGEMENT THEORY and DEATHREAT, deliver their fastest hardcore blasting yet, followed by one of their trademark unique anthems similar to the tracks on their 2007 "Prosthetic Screams" LP; somewhere vaguely in the direction of bleak 80's New Wave, post punk and dark-edged rock like the WIPERS, yet forging its own path. Artwork by Lydia Crumbley, who did the artwork for SIGNAL LOST's debut LP "Children of the Wasteland". Split release with Japanese Label HG FACT. Limited to 1,000!