Press Gang - s/t LP

$ 12.00

NEW. P TRASH RECORDS. Feeding on anger and cheese macaroni, getting drunk on cheap beer and touching themselves in total sexual desperation, these juvenile delinquents try to cope with their shit-city frustration and spit out these 12 songs of raw and depraved Hardcore-Punk with a primitive and proud "I don't care about your world"-attitude that simply can't be overheard.
These new songs are stripped down and fucked up but still keep a snotty catchiness. Think of end 70s England bands like THE USERS mixed with early 80s mid-tempo Hardcore from Boston and the young ADOLESCENTS, spiced up with killer Bass-lines, stirring chorus and lyrics that speak straight from the heart of any low-life out there.
They deal with being hungover ("Alka-Seltzer"), going nowhere ("Low Life", "Stranded in nowhere"), too many horny nights alone ("D.I.Y."), pissing on people who dominate their instruments ("Musicians"), having no dough and the lack of energy to deal with life ("$$$" and "24/7").
A short and all around slap in the face of modern society and determined bands that want to break through, presented by a singer that soon needs to be delivered into the nuthouse, where JAY REATARD and Doph of DEAN DIRG are already waiting to play a round of Mau-Mau.