Pell Mell - Rhyming Guitars - Used LP
Indoor Records

Pell Mell - Rhyming Guitars - Used LP

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This was sealed in original loose shrink, opened and listed to once.  Original Indoor Records issue (later reissued on SST).

"In their early days they were perplexed to be continually categorized as a surf band. In fact all they were shooting for was music as cool PiL, Josef K, The Fire Engines, The Feelies, A Certain Ratio, Pere Ubu, The Contortions and others then-contemporary moondoggies."

"The name Rhyming Guitars certainly fits this album, since the signature interplay that is the heart of Pell Mell's sound involves both echoing guitars and musical phrases."


Refreshing alternative to the meandering stoned hippy jam instrumentals of the 1970s...less urgent and rain soaked and more relaxed than Sage, but like Sage, another bridge (in the fog) between Tacoma early 60s (Wailers, Sonics) and the NW sounds to come...on the other hand, this could be from North Carolina or middle America...this doesn't push forward like The Wipers, the Sonics, punk or hardcore, but does focus on repetitive forward drive like those other styles, with a huge focus on rhythm, not exactly like surf or funk, but sort of bridging those styles (which both come from the same place anyway), foreshadowing Portland bands and other outfits that came much later.  This isn't a great album but it's a pretty good one." - winch (green noise records)  

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