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GREEN NOISE US EXCLUSIVE!!! Only available in the US through Green Noise Records!!!  Limited copies. 

If you want to be one of just a few of the statesiders who got this, grab it before it’s gone.  We are so proud to help bring this junk to our fellow folks in the US.  

Garage PUNK menace opening with the only two longer songs, opener “Animal,” powered along with a spring-loaded bassline and crunch fuzz guitars, menace maintained as the feedback feeds into you the acid-batch death rock of “Alle Dagen Feest,” horror rock squeezing out of the fuzz like a corpse from a coffin, popping out of that as a screaming spiked-hair hyper child, guest female vocalist Sam DC helping to kick start the short blasts of punk rock, keeping you on the edge of your seat and maintaining the manic as they blast through all your favorite grime-stained flavors of punk, ripping and tearing, forcing you to shred the shirt off your own back, peebles of mid 1960s garage and late 60s Detroit rising from the chaos but quickly chopped and crushed to bits, obviously influenced by the late 70s/early 80s, but remaining its own animal child, this might not be a happy animal, but the child is obviously trying to move out of the madness, grinning and shaking the bar of the rollercoaster car as it whizzes along, everything with this unsettled quality as the battered car whips around the curves, changing direction and rattling your brain, do not leave this child alone in the house, this deserves your company. - winch (green noise records)

Debut album by one of Belgium's most exciting garage bands of the moment!
After we released their debut EP, these guys played many shows and experimented with different kinds of genres than only the typical garage punk sound. The result is an album with influences from all over the place. Don't like english? No problem! There's one cold wave song sung in dutch and many instrumental mojo madness going on! Go see these babies live to feeel those fretless bass vibrations in your tummy.
Genre: anti-climax rock

Recorded at Tooth Mountain Republic by Rafael Valles Hilario
Mastered by Thomas Valkiers
Guest vocals on "Hippie Scum" and "The Republic" by Sam De Clercq

released January 2019

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