NOFX - Xmas Has Been X'Ed 7"

$ 6.00

NEW. FAT WRECK CHORDS. Look out, St. Nick! NOFX have got a big old lump of coal to dump in your stocking. In the holiday spirit, everyone’s favorite punk rock pranksters decided to take aim at two of our most beloved celebrations with their new 7” Xmas Has Been X’ed / New Year’s Revolution. Because NOFX didn’t want to play favorites between berating Xmas and New Years, they made the 7” a double A-side, giving both title tracks a shared billing and their own full artwork. “Xmas Has Been X’ed” appeared on NOFX’s most recent album, Self Entitled, while “New Year’s Revolution” was recorded specifically for this 7”. The band also threw in a little bonus by adding a recently rerecorded and refreshed version of the rarity “Wore Out the Soles of My Party Boots”. All three tracks show the whip-smart sense of humor NOFX are known for and are paired with their signature speedy melodic instrumentation. The 7” is another limited pressing of 5,000, so NOFX’s avid vinyl collecting fans are gonna be on these things like a Cabbage Patch Kid in 1983.