Nightwatchers - Good Kids Obey one sided LP

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The NIGHTWATCHERS is a young and insubordinate gang of juvenile streetfighters from the country that brought us the modern-day revolution and their first platter serves us 7 catchy instructions for civil disobedience. The songs come on strong and straight forward and they are soaking with juicy guitar melodies and catchy singalong choruses like the rag of a molotov cocktail is soaking with gasoline.
The slightly darker opener ''The Hangman'' arrives with sticks and stones and reminds of OBSERVERS, RADIOACTIVITY, NERVOSAS and a wee bit of BULLET LAVOLTA'S ''Dead wrong''. It is followed by the punkier ''Nightwatcher'', ''Scum'' and ''Juvenile Crime'' with a fistful of street attitude, singalongs and a harder edge, somewhere between REGULATIONS, MODERN ACTION and CIRCLE JERKS. ''Friendly fire'' lets the sirens blare with its MARKED MEN/SEDATIVES/STATUES punk, ''Border control'' has a totally great guitar line and explores the darker post-punk realm and ''Making it great again'' finally drops the bomb with a melody that makes you go wild.
This is good fodder for all the kids that do not want to unstoppable and burning soundtrack for the next decent punkrock riot.
The record comes as a one-sided-12inch with a silkscreened B-side of a burning police car....