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Neuroottiset Pelimannit - Diskografia 2xLP
Kamaset Levyt Records

Neuroottiset Pelimannit - Diskografia [2xLP IMPORT] – New LP

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NEW. KAMASET LEVYT RECORDS. Finnish import, double LP discography!  2001 - 2007.  Gatefold sleeve, limited hand-numbered edition of 500 copies.  Hardcore Punk band from Halli, Finland.


from James (Green Noise Customer Extraordinary):" Neuroottiset Pelimannit.  Diskografia     Double LP   Gatefold Sleeve  Kamaset Levyt Records.  Lempaala, Finland. Green Noise Price NEW $15.00 US

I love surprises. As I glide across record  webpages you learn not to make preconceived conclusions about what might be hiding behind the sleeve or “judge a book by its cover”

&  I now click on anything & let the ears do the walking & thinking.

The cover is dark & this band is from Finland, again assumptions are made as with any Scandinavian band this is more than likely Death Core, Grind Core, Metal Core or even worse...Apple Core.

Each to their own, I don’t like it.

When my Green Noise package arrives every month I usually get my first chance Saturday afternoon to give all the vinyl a one sided blast.

Which brings me to Neuroottiset Pelimannit (English: Neurotic Pellimans)  & I don’t know what a Pelliman is?

This is a discography of the band’s tracks recorded between 2001-2007 & was released in 2010.

This record is sensational. This is PUNK. Dummy spit, angry, pissed off, let it all out, busted wires hard core punk.

I normally give double LP’s a wide birth, most have the second slap of wax with all filler & no killer.

Not So with Neuroottiset Pelimannit. A relentless pummelling surge of eclectic & diverse 1 to 1 ½  minutes blasts of absolute “Let it all out” punk with fiery wires and manic drumming.

This record is an absolute cracker, relentlessly smacking your ear drums with whatever pisses them off in Helli, Finland & it never lets go.

I arrive at side 3 of the 2nd LP, this is not like me & it is almost as though I an waiting for some “Ballad” relief as the out of control assault continues through the afternoon.

This record is so close to a live gig, where your boots are stuck to the floor from all the spilt beer & the perspirations from everyone are mixing with yours.

This is brilliant, I love it. I don’t like using the term “Favourite “ as I like so much stuff, however this is one of those records where you continue to dial up the volume & you know the rules,

if you are not receiving council notification for noise pollution then you are just not playing it loud enough.

Limited run. Mine is marked 429/500 so there are another 428 people out there in ownership of this GOLD LP.  & another 31 are still floating around the planet.


Top one Martin."

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