Nervosas - s/t (first)
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Nervosas - s/t (first)

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If you’re in kaiju-films there is Ghidrah and Cerberus is well-known not only to mythology-experts…but P.Trash is still your trusted record label. So, don’t fuss folks! This might be the one you’re looking for: a three-headed monster of punk named NERVOSAS.
The story so far as you already know it: P.Trash scout Rob / STATUES saw the band at Ottawa Explosion 2012 and wrote us about a new fabulous band from NEW BOMB TURKS-Town Columbus, Ohio. We here at P.Trash can't believe how great they are. I never had this feeling again since I heard the SEDATIVES - ''Slip away'' song or the Statues – “New People Make Us Nervous” 12”!!!
About the record: A compilation with new recorded versions of songs already known from the beloved demo-releases. Now with enough punch & crunch for proper 12” vinyl-outfit fixed into classy cover plus inlay, artwork and music all done by the band. Quite accurate what you might expect from a young, enthusiastic DIY punk band’s debut LP. 11 bangers…like 11 ender enders in a way dark, anxious, paranoid, manic, obsessive, melodic, misanthropic, gothy, punk. A lot of bands "WIPERS, SEDATIVES, X, DEAD MOON..." and influences are forcing on, so that’s how brains are working and doesn’t really matter. No kidding, the plainly audible fact all along the record: it’s not whoever, this is NERVOSAS giving you such a grinding and thrilling roller coaster ride makes the difference. These songs ooze talent and precision, ranging from break-neck hardcore skate punk tempos to a few mellow rockers to surprise ya just when you think you got it all figured out. Don't sleep on this!!!

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