Nadja/Galena - split LP

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NEW. ADAGIO 830. Having long established themselves as pioneers in the heavy drone and
dark ambient scene, Nadja, now based in Berlin, continue pushing things
forward with Konstruktion, their newest vinyl only effort made
exclusively for ADAGIO830. Nadja's unique thumbprint shines strong
mostly on the B side of this album, punishing guitar that scratches the
listeners itch for heavy, churning and an engulfing sonic experience.
the pallet is made thicker with additions of accordion drone, bass and
cogent drum patterns. Galena ads subtle synth and sustaining guitar
lines that brew to boil just below Nadja's set threshold... Working in a
similar and cohesive manner, Oakland California's Galena slowly stirs
the pot with dark menacing synth layers, tape treatments and creeping
washed out guitar. The burgeoning sounds fold out and in on themselves
creating thunderous white noise windstorms your ears have no choice but
to get lost in... voices appear and disappear under the wash and you're
carried along not knowing when you'll be set back down. the A-Side shows
Galena's strengths more prominent but again, welcoming subtle and
tasteful additions by their collaborators. a wonderful example of 2
like-minded duo's joining forces to express their own unique styles and
creating something new and fresh out of the mist... every record comes
w/ a download card