Montibus Communitas - Hacia Aquellos Bosques de Immensidad LP
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Montibus Communitas - Hacia Aquellos Bosques de Immensidad LP

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NEW. TROUBLE IN MIND RECORDS. Nestled in the valleys between the Chillón, Rímac and Lurín rivers, lies the city of Lima, Peru where musical spiritual collective Montibus Communitas have quietly sculpted sonic devotionals to the holiness of Mother Nature since 2010. The four pieces recorded for ‘Hacia aquellos bosques de inmensidad’ were tracked live in the studio on November 4th, 2011 & written as they were interpreted - we hesitate to qualify them as improvisations, as the movements feel more like messages sent from another place, given life through the fevered hands of Montibus Communitas.

Fading in gently with the somber guitar strums of “Hanan Pacha”, ‘Hacia aquellos...’ slowly takes flight over two sides of graceful beauty that simultaneously pays tribute to & forbodes against the unbending will of nature & it’s spiritual demands on humanity. The collective uses mostly acoustic instrumentation; acoustic guitars, violin, pan flute, bongos, cymbals & the sounds of the human voice, leaving a little distance as possible from the sounds & their makers - the visceral connection of musician to instrument is unbound by the limitations of electrical current. “Hacia aquellos...’ is a journey, & one we at TiM hope the listener embarks upon with us. C’mon - what ware you waiting for? ‘Hacia aquellos bosques de inmensidad’ is the U.S. debut of Montibus Communitas, having released a s/t LP in 2012 on Cosmic Eye Records & is pressed on randomly mixed vinyl in an edition of 500 copies, & includes full-color insert & download code.

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