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Mononegatives -  Apparatus Division - New LP
Big Neck Records

Mononegatives - Apparatus Division - New LP

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Essential listen from the Big Neck label, Mononegatives (Ontario, Canada) ripping it up.  Scads of bands have served up some surf/space rock guitar with their punk, in the 21st century and from the very beginning, but this band does it like no other, or at least no other that I know about, a shitload of synth punk menace with gyrating sounds that sound like fun, like that crazy shirtless kid at the carnival that's going to blast the night into having a blast or is going to completely flip out and ruin everyone's day.  I love those people, and I love this album.  Wind her up and let her go, spinning like a Whizzer.  -- winch


London, Ontario's MONONEGATIVES deliver 12 tracks of raw punk meets new wave/synth-punk on this high-anxiety smasher of a debut LP with a modern-day ripping lo-fi punk sound. All in all, this is a highly original and fascinating take on punk rock meets new wave that's dark and discordant yet also full of bouncing energy.


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