Modern Pets - Sorry Thanks LP
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Modern Pets - Sorry Thanks - LP

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Shortly after their „Excessive“ 7“ release all you lucky beer drinkers can fill up your horns & pogo the shit outta your mind to the new 10-Hit-Slab’o’Modern Pets. By the way here is no place for certain band recommendations anymore. Now MODERN PETS is the reference.
This 2nd full-length mainly recorded by Bretzel Göring, mixed by Christoph Bartelt and mastered by Daniel Husayn is a smokin’ gun of new wave hipstershitpunk. Keeping all the tried-and-trusted snotty features of the past this platter kicks harder, grooves deeper and even pops catchier. Walk-along to pushing basslines from the hip, powerful and neck breaking drum beats are building a solid fundament and the premium-sound of the guitar parts is sharper than the straight razor at your favourite Turkish barbershop in Berlin-Xberg.
Finally the whole thing is speeding its way direct into your brain and file under timeless masterpiece. Now it’s on you to jump the fence and quickly save your copy. Oh well: Go! See them live!

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