Miss Chain And The Broken Heels - Rainbow 7"
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Miss Chain And The Broken Heels - Rainbow 7"

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NEW. BACHELOR RECORDS. After a successful Euro Tour as backing band of NIKKI CORVETTE, Franz and Bruno Barcella teamed up with Astrid Dante aka Miss Chain, and Disaster Silva, another Broken Heel, to record this classic two song 45 at the T.U.P Studio in Brescia, analog on tape, produced by Pierluigi Ballarin. These two songs are teasers for the upcoming full length which is planned for early 2013, along with a long tour through Europe, USA and Japan… Busy times for the Italian foursome, but they are used to it.

Well, here it is, the new MISS CHAIN & THE BROKEN HEELS single, coming in b/w plus crayons, so you can color your rainbow just like you want it to be! „Basic” art done already by Stella Santin.

Limited to 250 copies (Bachelor Version) This 7” will also be released by Dream On Records, Japan, with a different cover artwork.

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