Midwest Beat - Apology Accepted 7"
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Midwest Beat - Apology Accepted 7"

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NEW. CERTIFIED PR RECORDS. "Sweethearts of the Milwaukee Rodeo, The Midwest Beat rides again with two more saddlebags full of smashy twang-pop, “Apology Accepted” b/w “Appaloosa.” Sidestepping the perils inherent in being a gaggle of Upper Midwestern plaid-shirt-wearers with an ear cocked towards the Americana side of the spectrum ((i.e., sidestepping BoDean-esque limpness at all costs)), the Midwest Beat manage to fuse the disparate elements of punk, twang, power pop and Bakersfield-esque country-rock into a cohesive attack that evokes the spirit of smart Brit chaps like Graham Parker as often as it does Graham Nash or Gram Parsons. “Apology Accepted” is a Loud Pop classic and wouldn’tve sounded out of place on a Bomp! Records 45 from three decades ago ((or, for that matter, a Trashmen Play Hollies album from a late 60’s musical hallucination come to life)); “Appaloosa” gallops more to the country end of things and has lyrics about women and a mountainside and that sorta thing. Save yourself the apology; buy the damn thing." - Rev. Norb Rozek


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