Mess Folk - This Is Mess Folk... And More LP

$ 4.00

NEW. BACHELOR RECORDS. MESS FOLK is from Sydney, Nova Scotia, in Canada. It was started by Philip Tarr in
December 2008. This is a complation record featuring various recordings from 2008-
2010. This is basicly the 12 Song „This is Mess Folk” Tape, released in 2009. It first
came out with a couple of copies as self release, then SCOTCH TAPES did a batch of 100
copies. Three songs ended up an a 7" out on HOZAC records. This LP also has 10 new
and unreleased songs. All songs have been mastered for this release by Justin Perkins.
Now as you know the story, start listining to these devastating cuts of delusional inner
turmoil that sets in after months of cabin fever. What else can you expect, when growing
up in a small industrial city which is known for pretty much one thing: being the secondlargest
toxic environmental disaster hot spot in Canada.