Melchior, Dan & Russell Walker - In Durham LP

$ 17.00

The first full length release from the ever prolific duo of DAN MELCHIOR and RUSSELL WALKER (BOMBER JACKETS, PHEROMOANS, LLOYD PACK) in thirteen tracks of late night noodles. The new LP strays a bit from the kraut-influenced space rock of last year’s 7” debut and portrays the breadth of their influences with ambient voiceovers, drinking songs, blues trash rippers, and manic pop songs. Melchior’s signature fuzzed-out guitar flurries and psychedelic synthesizer banter play nicely against Walker’s talk-singing poetry to create what is ultimately a very ethereal and hypnotically pleasant set of pop songs. Samples, synths, and live tracks were recorded over a weekend in 2014 when Walker visited Melchior in Durham, hence the clever title. Limited to 500 copies on good ‘ol black vinyl.