Mean Lady - Love Now LP

$ 15.00

NEW. FAT POSSUM RECORDS. MEAN LADY is the duo of KATIE DILL and SAM NOBLES. They are from Delaware and they’re both so nice it’s kinda creepy. Really, really nice. They wrote a bunch of songs about lust and innocence and vulnerability. Through bubbly synths and rhythmic production, Dill and Nobles managed to cobble together a timeless, concise pop record. It’s a finished product that could only exist when kids from Delaware grew up, trashed all their soul records and then got high some time after DJ Shadow started to suck but probably before J Dilla died. “Lonely” chronicles the emotions behind loving someone and not being near—that nasty burn, the powerless, physical feeling, the one that makes you dry heave on a dirt road somewhere outside the city limits. “What if it takes too long and I’m lonely / How can it break me, make me so strong,” finally blurting out, “I need you next to me.” It’s universal love and loneliness. It sucks, but Mean Lady makes it better with their music. Love Now is deep and rich. The sound is Sam’s wonderfully abrupt sampling and skipping drum beats underneath the band’s live instruments. All of this is anchored by Katie’s songwriting and sharp, but sweet vocals. Take heed: this is an important debut for a young band.