MDK - The Moonmaiden flexi

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After the accidental suicide deaths of 3 drummers, MDK had the legendary Hiroaki Ishiyama flewn in from the small village of Kagoshimaken, Japan to record for this special release. The Moonmaiden marks MDK's newest attack to vinyl, after selling out over 700 tapes in their short existance. This is an onslaught of blasphemous dark noisy heavy metal of black death hardcore punk doom fuck. First some background info: MDK was spawned from the infernal command of Satan from the depths of fiery hell, born to kill and desecrate everything in its wake. Only for the rotten fleshed and decaying cadaverous undead. This release contains 3 blasphemous attacks of noisy beer hardcore shit punk in your face metal. The Moonmaiden will slaughter your family and leave you to burn in the gates of hell. This killer was recorded Winter 2011. It is a sampler flexi disc from MDK's full length LP, which will follow in winter 2012. Hail Satan kill God for Satan 666. All copies come with a nice glossy cover & full digital download. Distributed by RECORD SHOP BASE in Japan. First Pressing on BLUE VINYL with SILVER LABELS limited to 500 copies. This decaying release will sell out fast, get it now or die trying.