Makabert Fynd/Glom Da - split LP

$ 11.00

NEW. SORRY STATE RECORDS. Here's something a little different for Sorry State: a split 7" pairing two of the heaviest, most raging current crusty hardcore bands from Sweden. Makabert Fynd (who have released earlier records on Yellow Dog and Flat Black) play raw, straightforward hardcore in the tradition of old Swedish bands like Asocial and Avskum, but with huge, modern production. Of course these guys also boast Poffen of Totalitär as one of their vocalists, and fans of that band won't be disappointed. As for Glöm Da!, they go for the throat in a similar fashion, but are perhaps even wilder and more unhinged. Whether you like the fast and raw old Swedish stuff or more metal-influenced käng like Skitsystem and Disfear, this one will knock you on your ass. Includes gatefold jacket and digital download.