M.A.R.C. and The Horsejerks - Husbandry - LP
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M.A.R.C. and The Horsejerks - Husbandry - LP

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M.A.R.C. HORSEJERK ~ Vox, Guitars, Foot Drums, Keys, Flutes, Piano, Percussion, Drum Kit on 12, Drum programming on 4, Handclaps, Wrist Technique, Special Sauce, Hating on Stan 

TAWNY WINUFER SANDASIN ~ Bass, Foot Tambourine, Suds, Derby Days 

TOOTS/TATER ~ Guitars, Banjo, Backing Vox, Piano, Lotion, Unicorn Movies 

TWIGGY BARNDUST ~ Washboard, Glockenspiel, Hi-Hat Tambourine, Percussion, Tip Jar, Pest Control 

(Live band) 
MOUSE MILK ~ Viola, Keys, Non-Verbal Communication, Lipstick 


GREAT GRANDMA HORSEJERK ~ Lap Steel on Six Chickens In A Bag, Horns on Jacuzzi-A-Poozie and Sun Blip 

JIM PULL ~ Violin on Cheese Farm and Sun Blip 

JOEL MACHIELA ~ Backing vocals on All Day Sale At Searz, handclaps on Six Chickens 

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