Lost Tribe - Fading Into The Fog LP

$ 14.00

NEW. BLIND PROPHET RBlind Prophet Records is very proud to present the debut album from Richmond, VA's Lost Tribe. Lost Tribe play apocalyptic post-peacepunk darkwave but with with a solid d-beat & crust backbone that makes this a record both for punks and dark music freaks alike. The atmosphere is comparable to that of The Mob, New Model Army, or The Chameleons but with the power of Discharge or Amebix's rhythm section. It goes without saying that their live show is not to be missed, and you can expect a healthy dose of smoke machines, sweat, studs, and leather. Features members of Aghast, Empty Grave, Syndrome, and Caves Caverns. Comes in a deluxe foil embossed gatefold jacket with a printed inner sleeve (with lyrics!) and pressed on 150-gram vinyl. Limited to 500 copies!!!