Lost Boys/The Irradiates - split 7"

$ 12.00

NEW. SHOGUN RECORDS. Rockin' old-school hardcore meets sci-fi surf rock. The LOST BOYS like
their hardcore old-school, early 80s to be precise. Remember JFA? BLACK
FLAG or D.O.A? They sure do! The spirit of AGENT ORANGE also flies over
their music since they are not afraid to incorporate surf elements to
make the whole thing more exciting. This is very refreshing in these
days when most hardcore bands chose the easy brutal metal option. The
IRRADIATES continue their crusade through the universe spreading their
rock'n'roll message and crazy scientist music. This is surf music, but
not in a traditional way, this is closer to a band like MAN OR ASTROMAN?
They chose to offer us a cover song on this 4 song 12", "When The
Birdmen Fly" from Australian punk rock band the FUN THINGS, and let me
tell you that this was a good move from the French surf punks! They
totally made it fit to their music and style. The IRRADIATES are just
back from Chicago where they recorded with Steve Albini so you will
definitely hear about them again soon. This LP is a tribute to the
old-school hardcore punk spirit dipped into a big surf wave. The music,
the black and white art-work and stickers are all the illustration of
these guys' passion. Surf it up!