Le Kid And Les Marinellis - Les Jolies Filles LP

$ 13.00

What sounds like a wild Spaghetti Western Show or a familiy of sensational trapeze artists is a wonderful legere quintet from the city of Montreal with their first complete delivery.
They captured their juvenile je ne care attitude in 11 cool and ├╝bermelodic songs that dangle between a variety of styles. The whole thingy starts off with some pretty snotful '77 Punk and ends in an acoustic Country song. In between you get some more mid-tempo 60ies Rock'nRollers, kind of BLACK LIPS meet the MOJOMATICS, some Blues caputte aka CHOCOLAT, some Psychedelia... the DEMON'S CLAWS manner, and some more wild hypnotize garage-punk songs like JACK O' FIRE, REAL KIDS or DIRTBOMBS. The french lyrics are sung like the young MICK JAGGER!
Always smooth. Always laid back. Always snotty as hell. Always hit. Long live les beautiful girls. Long live LE KID.