Just Urbain - Everybody Loves 7"

$ 4.99

NEW. 540 RECORDS. “Hey, Brisbane Australia coming atcha again. Yes, the results of our second recording session. Another studio, more time/money and to my ears a thicker sound. Another 7” EP, another addition to our tiny label. I doubt anyone then or now would say it was punk or rock n roll or whatever. It was our wilful sound. I loved it then & still do now. We doubled the pressing number but good luck finding this one either. It was recorded & released in 1980 which as I write this was 31 years ago. A lifetime ago for some & possibly making me a BOF to a lot of people. I’m not going to yabber on about another boring year because it was & it wasn’t. Looking out at the world I still didn’t have much time for it but inwards for the most part it was interesting & exciting. We were writing lots of songs, all now gone other than on some practice recordings. We would rehearse each weekend with Young Identities & our friends which always had a party atmosphere & every now & then play somewhere. The record originally had a hand printed/glued sleeve with an insert. You do get the sleeve again but just not hand painted which I understand & accept as who has that much love &/or money to splash around! However 540 records in keeping with their great reissue effort have not only kept the insert but added some photo’s so you can check out what a swell bunch of punkers we were. As for the 3 songs ‘Everybody Loves’ remains one of my favourite songs along with ‘I’d Rather Stay Home’ (on our last EP). It’s about the late 70’s early 80’s obsessive Radio Birdman worship. In 75 one of the two fan clubs I joined was Radio Birdman & I was mighty sad when they eventually fell apart. But bugger me, a few years later you couldn’t move for bands aping them or people with homemade patches on their jackets. Pissed off does not begin to describe my feelings at the time. Yeah I didn’t like Elvis impersonators either. These days I get around & see all the fools with the Misfits Ghouls T shirt or the Ramones Eagle T shirt. Luckily I am more mature these days & rather than having an argument I grind my teeth & pass wind to get all that unpleasantness out of me. I can’t recall what either ‘The End’ or ‘Hospital Bed’ were about….our singer from time to time had ‘issues’ with his girlfriends and maybe this is was his way of dealing with it. Nah, no idea…anyone? You still had to make the effort to find us as we still weren’t looking for you. For the trainspotter’s out there—some of our songs made it to various bootleg comps. ‘Everybody Loves’ featured on Killed By Death #666 lp. No…we didn’t get a copy either.”