Joyce Manor - Never Hungover Again CD

$ 16.00

Joyce Manor was conceived in the back of a car int he Disneyland parking lot - the kind of beginning California dreams are made of. Their firstself-titled album in 2011 exploded out of nowhere;across two albums, they discovered what JoyceManor really sounded like - the speed and sense of melody of fellow South Bay band the Descendents,the artfully bittersweet lyricism of Jawbreaker and the undeniable heart-on-sleeve honesty of the first two Weezer albums. NEVER HUNGOVER AGAIN isan album of pop-punk in paradox, right down to the title and photo on the cover. From the first song,it's ten precisely put-together songs about how things fall apart, with some of the saddest lyrics you'd ever shout along to from the front row.