JonnyX and the Groadies - Liquid Crystal Despair - LP

JonnyX and the Groadies - Liquid Crystal Despair - LP

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The BLOOD-BORNE HALLUCINOGEN (4:02) descends! 

…from a perfect planet, its masses BORN UNTO THE MIND (3:24). Enlightened—until doom falls fire-streaked from the sky. The CONTROL TOMB (4:41) remains: a mausoleum where the corpse of the metamind crystallizes. Within, a GLASS GOLEM (3:02)—the ruined world’s last attempt to come back to life—moves in pain, cannot weep, and dies. Then silence on that GLOWERING ORB (3:14), the dead planetary mind echoing bitterness, forever. 

…through the emptiness of the stars, its only companions time and THE LONELINESS OF THE LONG-DISTANCE EXOCOMET (7:01). 

…to one more world—our own. An alien poison, a VOICE FROM THE OUTER WORLD (2:28) infecting Earth’s biosphere. It is intolerable to our form of life; our scientists dissect the silver atoms at a distance, denying it communion with our kind, unfolding only its LIQUID CRYSTAL DESPAIR (3:04). 

…to eternity. Where, perhaps, humankind’s last star-traveler shall find the last of it and drink deep. Where, perhaps, mind and metamind shall merge in the COUNCIL OF THE SELVES (4:14). 

-Matthew Mitchell 2018

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