JEFF The Brotherhood - Upstairs At United LP
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JEFF The Brotherhood - Upstairs At United LP

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NEW. INFINITY CAT RECORDS. It sold out across the country on Record Store Day, and we've got the last of them. When we sell out, they are gone, gone, gone!

On October 18th, 2011, JEFF The Brotherhood were joined by William Tyler (Tompkins Square), Loney Hutchins (Cleft Records) and Joey Plunket in recording Volume 3 of the Upstairs at United series. Each song in this session was recorded in a single take direct to ¼ inch tape then cut at 45 RPM for the ultimate listening experience.

JEFF The Brotherhood, the sibling duo of Jake & Jamin Orrall show their prog rock side on this recording. While the recording consists of only three songs those songs totalled enough time that they rocked out until they literally ran out of tape (as can be heard at the end of ''In Space No One Can Hear You Scream, Part II').' While traditionally a two piece, JEFF The Brotherhood, was joined in this session by William Tyler on guitar, Loney Hutchins on keys and crazy space sounds, and Joey Plunket on bass. The recording features an 11 minute version of tour favorite ''I'm A Freak'' (Wicked Lady), an 11 minute cover of Hawkwind's ''Master Of The Universe'' and the 8 minute improvisational jam ''In Space No One Can Hear You Scream''.

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