Iceage - Beyondless - LP
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Iceage - Beyondless - LP

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From Matador:

Iceage take no issue with switching up their sound from project to project. While many of us would have been more than happy to hear a second act accompaniment to the rasping ‘You’re Nothing’ or a freewheeling ‘Plowing..’ Part 2, it’s with style and conviction that the band ceaselessly provide us with yet a new way of experiencing their world.

‘Beyondless’ is a record steeped in the miasma of old wrongs and new mistakes, hung on a scaffold of Elias Bender Rønnenfelt’s most accomplished lyric writing to date. The title is a nod to the immortal Irish playwright – Samuel Beckett – whose bleak nuance and tendency to laugh directly into the abyss are appropriately mirrored in Rønnenfelt’s post-structuralist written reflections.

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