Hussy, The - Turn It Three 7"

$ 4.99

NEW. CERTIFIED PR RECORDS. "Madison’s stonedest genius, Bobby Hussy, returns with partner-in-crime Heather to continue refutation of the projected demise of that whole two-piece band thang! It's not dead yet! It's getting better! Utilizing a standard guitar/mouths/drums setup, but making use of enough cunning tambourinery to flummox the listener into suspecting the band is secretly augmented with Betty Cooper of the ARCHIES, “Turn It Three” sounds like what “We Are Gonna Be Friends” by the WHITE STRIPES might have sounded like if it were written by BBQ with his dick out and NOBUNNY standing on his head pouring Old Style down his throat. The lyrics deal with either the mathematics of the human condition or the grade school space-time continuum ((or possibly something even weirder and dirtier)), which clearly underscores the must-have-ness of this life-affirming slab o’ wax. Meanwhile, the potboiling “Firelung” sounds as if someone cross-bred the first DONNAS 7-inch with an UNDERTONES B-side for the express purpose of creating songwriting demos for the first RED CROSS ep. Which is, now that my lighter works and i can think clearly once again, exactly what happened." - Rev. Norb Rozek (Razorcake)