Hooper - How To Become A Ghost LP

$ 11.00

NEW. SNAPPY LITTLE NUMBERS. The opening salvo from Denver’s own Hooper was well received 7” in late 2011. The reception was so good; we’ve given them a promotion to the LP format. “How To Become A Ghost” is an LP that picks up where the band left off. Hooper interbreeds melody, anger, angst, and just a smidgeon of fucked-up, mathy dynamics ala bands like Seaweed, Jawbreaker and Samiam. The members of this Denver trio—led by singer-guitarist Trevor Morris, a scholar of such sounds—turn their reverence of the past into their fuel for the future. Or at least what’ll be left of the future. That said, Hooper’s comforting blend of punk, pop and 90’s style “college rock” doesn’t shy away from blatant fist-pumping or the devout worship of the sad-sack anthem. Pressing Info: 300 12" LP's on 150g black vinyl, download code included.