Honduran - Street Eagles LP

$ 13.00

NEW. EOLIAN RECORDS. HONDURAN, Portland's “elite hit squad of brutality” [ThrashPunx], is here to fuck up your day. This trio of hardcore savants is a brain-damaged gang of punks thrashing and bludgeoning its way down every block and every alley in Doomtown. Their new 11-song, 21-minute LP Street Eagles is a relentless race against time of brutal hardcore, violent grind, damaged noise rock, fuckered-sludge, and breakdowns, breakdowns, breakdowns. Riff after riff of palm-muted madness and finger-clicking bass over an volatile bed of beats both lightning fast and super slow with back-and-forth shrieking screams and guttural growls from three twisted technicians way down in the front-line trenches. Shitizens unite!