Happy Noose - s/t LP
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happy noose

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NEW. DEAD END SOCIAL CLUB. Happy Noose is proud to announce their debut s/t LP.The initial pressing is VERY LIMITED. Happy Noose is trio of friends that came together after having played in many other bands spanning several decades. Members are in their 20s, 30s and 40s, providing a unique approach to punk rock music born out of a collective idea of musical resistance to dominant culture. Happy Noose Press: Early Happy Noose Press: "...their music is straightforward enough: good-time, plangent, dirty pop... music aches with desire... Morose, yet joyful. Fumbling, unsure but with a real swaggering gait. Lovely, lovely, lovely. It’s almost 1978 UK powerpop as well … or ’82 UK punk. Lovely." --Everett True, Collapse Board "...with vocals that at times have a slightly despondent and unaffected charm that fit really well. Definitely one of the best things I’ve gotten for review—of which I didn’t have any prior knowledge—in a while." --Razorcake "The music is a little more upbeat than the vocalists style and his yawning drawl lends the music a more morose feel than it would have otherwise. I found myself liking how these things played off each other." -Maximum RockNRoll 335 "Pretty awesome punk rock from this Olympia, Wa trio. Tight, upbeat and played with enthusiasm. Definitely worth checking out if that sounds like it's your thing." -Dead Formats "First off, just have to mention this is not a punk record. It is indie rock, or if it were the 90's we'd be calling it Alternative... That's not saying this album sucks, cause it doesn't. These guys are quite good at what they do in the Pavement sort of way..." --Maximum RocknRoll 339

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