Friends Of Ceasar Romero - Red Headed Strangler 7"

$ 5.00

NEW. SNAPPY LITTLE NUMBERS. With the shake of a tambourine and a quake of the pelvis, our 1st single of 2012 is now out! "Red Headed Strangler b/w Tammys Of Tomorrow" by Friends Of Cesar Romero cranks on any functional turntable at 45 RPM. It is of course on 7" vinyl and comes with a download code, all in our highly collectable gold company sleeve. You can order one (or two or three...) from us right now! They'll be popping up in shops and distros shortly. FOCR have devolved the electric-guitar beat-combo into a thing of pants-shitting Neanderthal beauty. Pounding, menacing, snarling, and unaccustomed to flowery futuristic bullshit, the gang’s anthemic onslaught is ready to biff-bang-pow its way into your heart. Be sure to catch them on tour right now.