Father Gregory - Dental Knowledge And Meditation cassette

$ 5.00

Here it is folks! You asked for more psych folk and we brought it. You didn't ask for anything of the sort? Well we brought it anyway! Presented here, in all of its spaced out glory, is the debut release from Southern California's Father Gregory. It's ghostly and atmospheric trip through another plane, one of those planes where everything is familiar but somehow very different, more reverberated. The general mood is dark but not sulky. It sounds like the soundtrack to the least known David Lynch film you never saw. Buzzing, warbly, rock guitars float behind a droning stream of acoustic rhythms and haunting vocals. It's like if Captain Beefheart was being played by a sad person in a basement and said person didn't sound at all like Van Vliet. This is lo-fi acid folk at it's finest. Come on in. The water is... kind of cold but who cares. We're all gonna die soon probably. (Writeup By Prometheus Wolf)