Eyes And Ears/Snake Mountain - split 7"

$ 2.00

NEW. SNAPPY LITTLE NUMBERS. "We are proud to announce our first release, a split single 45 featuring Eyes & Ears and Snake Mountain. Both groups provide songs that pay homage to a couple of Denver institutions. Eyes & Ears' "I Buried My Heart Under Bar Bar (Then Burned It Down To The Ground)" is about, well, Bar Bar. Bar Bar is a classic dive that plays host to many killer shows and provides questionable allowances to patrons. What's not to like? Snake Mountain's "Defend Colfax" is in honor of the most famous street in the greater Denver metropolitan area. Why is it famous? Well, aside from it's vast array of car dealerships, restaurants and hookers, Colfax is lined with bars and clubs that provide many of the same attributes as Bar Bar. So now this blurb has come full circle. This 7" Single is on color vinyl and comes in one of our stylish company sleeves and includes a Download Code. Edition of 300 on random color vinyl" - Snappy Little Numbers